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In July 2009 we were watching our nieces running around in their cute little Onesie and we thought "why should the kids have all the fun? There has to be something for adults!" ...and that's when and why JaysPJs was born.


We started with the Standard Onesie which people just loved. We then wondered how could we make this onesie even more comfy, cosy and cool? So we added a hood, pockets and butt flap ...and that's when the Luxury Onesie was born. What more could you want out of a PJ?? In saying that, you never know what will appear around the corner ...something even more comfier, cosier and cooler?? it possible I hear you ask?


We're a family run Australian business who just love helping our community, and the world (!), be as comfy as possible.


People just can't get enough of our onesies! Don't be the last to join in!





Our fans!




Hot FM CQ are loving our onesies!

Go EJ and Browny!



 We're lovin' thoes onesies!




Even cats love our onesies!                              Best friends love our onesies!                                   Sam's loves our onesies!




     Just tartin' around in our onesies

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                                                             Lovin Maddies leopard onesie                                                             Get the whole fan into your onesie!




You might have seen us on...


Channel 10's Breakfast Show!

Even Fernando Barraza, Channel 10's Breakfast show's fashion stylist, reckons the Onesie is the best option for this winter, check out our PJ's on the brekkie show...




Jojo's Onesie Blog!



You might have heard us on...


Hot FM CQ Radio's Morning Show, Central Queensland!

Did you hear that Browny and EJ were walking the streets in our awesome onesies! No, well you can hear all about it. Would you wear your onesie in public??




CFM Radio's Morning Show, Toowoomba!

Did you hear that Hamish and EJ were wearing our onesie and raving on about how comfy and cosy our onesies are??
Now everyone in Toowoomba wants a onesie! 



What you've been saying... (yes, these are real)


Sam, June

"I recently purchased a onesie for my wife and upon receiving it found it was the incorrect size, despite having purchased it via the sizing chart on the website. So I contacted them and was pleasantly surprised to find they have exceptional customer service, something which is severely lacking these days it seems. Rebecca took back the onesie, suggested other options and was extremely helpful all round, even offering to pay my return postage. Thanks guys, I will be definitely recommending you to all my friends".



Jess, June

"You are wonderful. I received the package today so it will be nice and toasty warm in Bathurst this weekend. Many thanks again for your wonderful service."


Linda, June

"My parcel arrived today - super fast!

One of my onesies didn't even make it home - a colleague tried it on and has kept it to take away with her on the weekend (and has ordered me a replacement)!!

One thing we both noticed is that we were unable to add the non-slip stickers to our orders. We were not sure whether this meant they were sold out.

Anyway, you have excellent customer service and an excellent product and I will be continuing to spread the word :)"


BTW… The lady at work wore her onesie last night and told me she is hooked - "so toasty" - another satisfied customer :)


Alison, April

"Thanks so much! We got them and love them :-).  Very happy customer and will have to get one for me soon!"


Steven, February 

"…and yes the photos went well because of your great customer service. Thank you very much."


Hayley, January 

"You are wonderful! Thank you very much for that, it is truly appreciated (and the onesies will be too, going to put them through the ultimate test of a Tassey Winter :) ).

Thank you very much for letting me know, and for your quick response, have a great week.."


Laura, January

"My onesie arrived today, thank you. My fiancé is going to love it. Thanks for changing it to a medium as well.


I'm sure I will be spending more with you in the future."


Megan, July

"Just wanted to say that I am absolutely IN LOVE with my onesie, I wore it all weekend!

Have already told heaps of people about your website!

Thank you, and I also know my colleagues girlfriend loves hers as well"


Tamara, June

"I have received it today, shock! It's amazing, feels amazing, worth every penny, thanks :)"



Stephanie, May

"Many thanks for the speedy delivery & the professional manner in which you dealt with my order.... I'm am very impressed.

They all arrived safely today. I will definitely be making more purchases (probably even tonight!)."


Karen, May

"Thanks, your service has been outstanding, I'm sure we will do repeat business and I will recommend to others"


Evol, April

"Thank you very much, yes just in time and the kids love them, it is hard to get them off them to put them in the wash, haha."


Alissa, April

"My onesie arrived in the mail today, so very pleased! Fits well, feels beautiful... It will have it's office debut at the National Celtic Festival in June, where it's sure to be a hit!"

Cori, December

"It is sooooo comfy and soft : ). Will recommend to others, for sure. Thanks again."


Neil, December

"They are great, thanks for all your effort. I'm sure the staff will love them."


Caleb, November

"Thank you greatly appreciated :), and for being very professional with your business, I will be happily recommended your business to friends and family."


Heather, November

"Just a quick note to thank you for such great speedy service. The onesies arrived today even though I don't live in Melbourne. They look great and are going to make fantastic Chrissy prezzies. I am sure my sis and brotherinlaw will love them. I think I will definitely be getting myself a pair next winter too!

Thanks again.


What we've been saying... 


Rebecca, September

We LOVE our onesies!

We just can't get out of our onesies!

I need another onesie as my other two onesies are worn out.

I LOVE a onesie party!

Can't believe onesies are back!

Onesies are the new black.





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